My precious books… to care for and enjoy our books!

image“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural
desire to learn.” - Maria Montessori
Dear Parents and curious readers!
So what’s buzzing in The little buzzing Bees class? (2-3 year olds at Prunelle School Montessori Bilingual - Puteaux.)
Since our little learners are at an important stage of their development we would like to make them better aware of caring for books and trigger their curiosity for books.
Books play an important part in any child’s development and should definitely be part of the building blocks in their foundation towards a strong and great mind!


Children between the ages of 2 and 3 find themselves in a big and complicated world, they are trying to figure things out for themselves, discovering who they are - and trying to be independent with very little vocabulary can be challenging for both child and parent.

One area we can help our little toddlers to grow and feed their minds is of course with books! Reading books with your toddler and encouraging them to develop a love for books can open a beautiful world of imagination, knowledge and skills!

Here’s just a few reminders why books are important to our young learners….
- Books create bonds between parent and child which also helps with their emotional development
- Help children learn expressions and recognizing their own
- Develop critical thinking and imagination
- Build vocabulary and language, sounds, words (Develops early literacy)
- Offers knowledge and information
- Help and develop the brains’ ability to focus and concentrate, and of course ….

But, before children can actually start to appreciate books and their value, we as adults and teachers should show them how to take care of books! Books are precious and therefore it is important to show and guide children already from a young age how to use a book!
So this is exactly our next mission in the Buzzing Bees class! - How to take care of books?

Most of our young learners can and have started to enjoy books in class, but it is our responsibility to refine some of our caring skills, in order to make the books last for many more young friends to enjoy and to learn from! Here are just some fundamental points which are common to every reader, but to a little toddler it can make a huge difference from the start, as they are at the beginning of the beautiful and interesting journey in the world of books!
- How to open, close and hold our books
- How to gently turn the pages
- Where to keep books and how to put books back on a shelf.
- To learn and understand that books are fragile and should not be kicked or stepped on and that books are different from toys.
- Keep the corners of book covers and pages safe!

Remember that although toddlers seem very clever - and often are, (make no mistake) they are still actually very little and cannot grow into responsible learners without guidance and firm foundations!
Children learn best in an environment where they feel safe, secure and loved and helping children to learn to take care of their and other belongings already contributes a great deal to this.

So let’s get Buzzing with care for our books!
As always, I am looking forward to sharing more news and information about what’s buzzing in our class soon!
In the meantime, stay safe and take care!

Mme. Alida Potgieter

Alida Potgieter


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