The Three R’s

imageOver the next few weeks your children will be learning how to reduce their consumption, reuse things to prevent waste, and recycle things so they can become new again. If you are interested in continuing the lesson at home, here are a few fun ways to engage your children:


1. Play the ‘What is trash?’ game – Whenever your child needs to throw something away, you can ask them to look for the recycling symbol on the packaging. If they find it, guide them to dispose of it properly.
2. Let them take down the recycling – Kids love being helpful. Take full advantage of it by letting them carry a bag of recycling to the trash with you, and let them sort it into the correct bin.
3. Creative play with Recyclables – Set aside some recyclables such as clean cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, water bottles or yogurt containers and let your kids reuse the materials to build a robot, castle, a piggy bank or a marble maze.
4. Talk about reducing your consumption – Taking a moment to remind your child why you are turning the light off when you leave the room, or why one turns the water off when brushing their teeth is a great way to keep them thinking about how they can consume less and make a big impact on the world around them. Engage them in conversation on the topic. You might be surprised the ideas they come up with to consume less as a family.


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