Rules and Routine in the Montessori Classroom

Focus on routines

Though we are ruled by the clock and the calendar like the rest of the world, we make room for real freedom with a regular routine.
One of the features of a Montessori classroom is the consistency of an established schedule, which promotes what Montessori called normalization. The normalization of children depends to a large extent on their security of knowing what to expect. When children know the plan, they feel secure and are subsequently free to concentrate. If we provide these predictable patterns for the children, they become more self-confident and inner-directed, leading to normalization.

Establishing rules

At the beginning of the school year, I believe it’s important to remind the children the importance to maintain a safe and clean work space. I explain to the children that they can to choose to do their work at either a mat or table. I show them where the mats are kept and how to carry one from the basket. Carefully and slowly, I show them how to unroll a mat. I then choose an entry item from the shelf, carry it with two hands to the mat, and work with it. We speak about how important my work is and how unfortunate it would be if someone walked across my mat and ruined my work. I then demonstrate how to carefully walk around the mat without stepping on it. Each child then has the opportunity to walk around my mat without stepping on it. I explain that once I am finished working with the material, I must return it to the shelf where I found it so someone else can work with it. Then, I show the children how to carefully roll up the mat.

A typical morning at Prunelle Montessori

8:25 Teacher assistant and teacher open the door to greet the students and parents as they arrive.

9:00-11:00 Independent work
It is a really calm way to begin the day and helps each student begin the day focused and ready to find an activity to work on. While the children work independently, I provide individual or group lessons while my amazing Montessori teaching assistant reinforces the important rules and routines of the class and helps diffuse any issues as they arise throughout the morning.
11:00-11:45 Clean up song and Circle time
Once the students tidy their work, we all sit down for circle time. We sing songs, do the calendar, read a story, practice English vocabulary and they are sent one by one to the washroom to wash their hands and change their shoes for lunch.
11:50-12:20 Lunch and Getting ready for the park

12:30-13:00 Outdoor play time

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