Prunelle School, is a kindergarten and elementary school warm and welcoming, referenced to the AMF (Montessori Association of France). The Prunelle School is bilingual English / French and applies the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. Prunelle School welcomes children from 2 to 9 years of all nationalities. The primary school is located in Paris Levallois, France


The Pre-Primary class is an environment prepared to meet the developmental needs and high energy levels of children who are transitioning from toddler to pre schooler.


 The Primary classroom, for age group three to six years old, is carefully designed for children to "learn by doing." It is a calm, structured space constructed to meet a child's individual needs.


In the 6 – 9 classroom, students have a cosmic task – to understand how each individual is valuable, providing the foundation for evolution. Every element of the natural system is integrated and of equal importance.

Prunelle School : School Montessori Bilingual

At Prunelle School Montessori Bilingual, we provide a foundation for academic and personal excellence and encourage the love of learning inherent in every student through participation and engagement. Experienced, Montessori-certified teachers ensure each student’s success in a caring and structured environment, which includes: 

  • A Bilingual teaching, English-French from the nursery upwards,
  • Low student-teacher ratio for a tailored program,
  • A warm and suitable place for the child,
  • A method which respects each child’s blooming, his rhythm, his personality and the different stages of his development,
  • French and English speaking qualified educators who are aware of each child’s specific needs,
  • A pedagogy developing the knowledge of oneself and the world,
  • Autonomy and acceptance of others,
  • An active pedagogy, encouraging the child to concentration, responsibility, and self-reliance,
  • An approach which respects each child, favouring the fun and the love in learning,
  • A teaching whose prime aim is to give a child self-confidence and self-esteem,
  • Premium education programming for ages two years through twelve years


Bilinguism and Pedagogy



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The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method

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Prunelle School Montessori Bilingual

 Prunelle School - Levallois Perret

18-22 rue Camille Pelletan
92300 Levallois Perret
+33 9 80 64 85 19

Prunelle School - Puteaux La Défense

44 Rue Marius Jacotot
92800 Puteaux
+33 9 80 64 85 19

Association Montessori de France
Institut supérieur Maria Montessori

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18-22 rue Camille Pelletan
92300 Levallois Perret.

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