Montessori Method

In her pedagogy Maria Montessori highlighted the great learning capacity of a young child and its capability of adapting to his surroundings as long as the adult is here to facilitate his work.

The most basic principle in Montessori’s theory of education is the respect of the child inner learning rhythm. Throughout his growth the child undergoes temporary sensitive : the sensitive period, such as order, movement, language.... A Montessori classroom is designed to stimulate to any stage of a child‘s sensitive period .

All Montessori material which the children may wish to use is available on the child–size open shelves. The child takes out material and carries it to where he wishes to work . Thus he satisfies he needs of movement and develop his everyday fine motor.

As order is part of the pedagogy, each pieces of material have an assigned place and position on the shelves . It 's essential however that the children be able to see and retrieve without any adult assistance all the material and supplies needed to conduct any activity. The child should therefore complete his work and bring it back where he found it , this will help him to become independent.

A Montessori environment has rules, amongst them, the child has to tidy up his work, speak softly, respect his mates ...and so forth he can have regular duties such as watering the plants, taking care of pets ...

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